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The meta is changing, the meta is changing! SuperCell’s balancing team has some ‘splaining to do. After nerfing Poison to oblivion when it was OP, they did the reverse and buffed Elite Barbarians to OP status after its release was underwhelming. You know how everyone who plays ladder hates Royal Giant on ladder because it’s a win condition card that is also a common so it can be overleveled? And you know how everyone hated Mega Minion at its release because it was good on offense AND defense? And you know how everyone hated Giant-Poison because it seemed like almost EVERYONE played it? Yeah, combine all of those annoying facets and you have Elite Barbarians. The buff was big enough that Elite Barbarians may join Graveyard as the meta defining card right now. If last tier list’s theme was risers and fallers based on how good or bad they do against Graveyard, this tier list’s theme is definitely risers and fallers based on how good or bad they do against Elite Barbarians.

If you missed my last tier list, here is the link:
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DISCLAIMER: This tier list is for TOURNAMENT play and is based on my opinions and it may differ from yours or others opinions. My opinion is not better than yours. Just because a card is in a high tier does not mean that every deck should have it. Vice versa, just because a card is in a low tier does not mean that it can’t be used in a competitive deck. A deck with all S tier cards will not necessarily be the best deck; the cards have to complement each other. Within the tiers, I listed the cards by rarity, not by superiority (Legendaries first, Commons last). The cards in bold are the movers and their old tier is listed in parentheses.

S – Miner, Princess, The Log, Graveyard, Mega Minion, Elite Barbarians(D), Ice Golem(A), Zap
AElectro Wizard(NR), Lava Hound, Skeleton Army, Guards(B), Bowler, Ice Spirit(S), Hog Rider, Giant, Fireball(B), Archers, Minions
B – Goblin Barrel, Golem(A), Lightning, X-Bow, Musketeer, Furnace, Inferno Tower(A), Elixir Collector, Barbarian Hut, Minion Horde, Arrows
CIce Wizard(B), Lumberjack(B), Balloon(D), Mirror(D), Clone(NR), Poison(B), Freeze, Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, 3 Musketeers, Rocket(B), Skeletons, Fire Spirits, Spear Goblins, Knight, Barbarians, Royal Giant(B), Cannon, Mortar
DInferno Dragon(C), Dark Prince, Baby Dragon(C), Prince(C), Witch, Wizard, Giant Skeleton(C), Pekka(C), Tornado, Goblin Hut, Goblins(C), Bomber, Tesla(C)
FSparky(D), Rage, Bomb Tower

S Tier
The OP cards. You’ll see multiples of these cards in top tier decks. They’re either versatile and can fit in many decks or have extremely strong stats.

  • Elite Barbarians(D) – Elite isn’t a strong enough adjective for this card now. It should be Super, Ultra, Fantastic, Mega Barbarians. Elite Barbarians are a terror on both defence and offense. They shred tanks, no spells do well against them, and most importantly, their counter attack is deadly. Split Elite Barbarians in the back is a strong move, Elite Barbarians on one side is a strong move, Elite Barbarians at the bridge is a strong move, you can’t go wrong with this card. It has the defensive capabilities of regular Barbarians with the offensive surprise factor of Lumberjack. Please nerf soon SuperCell.
  • Ice Golem(A) – I think of this card as the Ice Spirit of the previous meta (who not so coincidentally dropped a tier). Apparently Ice Golem was designed to be an offensive card, but when people first started using him, they used him mostly defensively (where he shined). Now, people are starting to use him on offense more frequently and effectively, while he still retains his defensive prowess. On offense, Ice Golem shares a symbiotic relationship with Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians where it relies on those two cards to push him to reach the tower, while the Ice Golem shields them from the tower and defensive troops and even discourages the opponent from playing cards like Skeleton Army or Minions because of its death damage. Even a risky play like Ice Golem at the bridge paired with a Graveyard works more than it should.

A Tier
These cards may not be seen as often as S tier cards. They’re not as game-changing as S tier cards, but are still seen in many top tier decks.

  • Electro Wizard(NR) – Talk about an electrifying entrance. It generally takes a while for pros to gauge the effectiveness of Legendary and Epic cards because it takes a while to level them up or even get them. That’s why cards like Graveyard, The Log, and Poison are underused in the beginning and it isn’t until later on that people realize how good they are. Compare this to Mega Minion which was immediately recognized as OP. With the Electro Wizard challenge, people have a pretty good feel for how effectiveness the card is and it seems like a very good card. It’s zapping mechanic is really strong defensively, but it’s on-summon Zap effect is the attribute that really pushes it to be a good card.
  • Guards(A) – Low key does really well against the two meta cards (Graveyard and Elite Barbarians). It also allows you to play Elixir Collector (which could win you games if your opponent has no answer to it) because it defends them against Miner and actually does more damage than Archers. I feel that it is underappreciated right now and hopefully people will start to play it more.
  • Ice Spirit(S) – It’s still a really good card, but most people usually don’t have a space for it in their decks. Ice Golem, despite being a completely different card, has taken its place as the jack of all trades low elixir card. Many places where you used to use Ice Spirit, you use Ice Golem now. Hog push? Use Ice Golem with it instead of Ice Spirit. Need to trade with a full HP Musketeer that just crossed a bridge? Ice Golem works there too. Minions coming to your tower? Ice. Golem. This is not to say that Ice Golem is better than Ice Spirit in all situations, because it isn’t. It’s just a testament to how good Ice Golem is in this current meta.
  • Fireball(B) – The hype over the Poison buff was overstated (admittedly, it was partially by me). Poison works best when the current play lasts long enough for Poison’s full duration. This is usually only the case when you’re doing a tank push, which are slowly getting pushed out of the meta. The instant damage of Fireball is generally more useful.

B Tier
Used right, these cards will make some great elixir trades; however, they are really situational and against some decks, these cards will be ineffective.

  • Golem(A) – One of the cards punished by the proliferation of Elite Barbarians. Golems get shredded by Elite Barbarians and there isn’t much you can do to counter this because there’s no spells good against them. The only thing you can really do is place your own Elite Barbarians right behind your Golem but how often are you going to have 14 elixir like that? Additionally, placing 8 elixir like that leaves you open for your opponent to drop Elite Barbarians at the bridge and good luck defending against that with 2 elixir.
  • Inferno Tower(A) – Fewer tank decks means fewer situations where Inferno Tower can get you an elixir advantage. Inferno Tower is a card that is reliant on you defending a push where opponents commit tons of elixir. This is more rare as people aren’t relying on a super push with a huge tank, but rather pushes where you just use whatever troop you have leftover on defense. Inferno Tower is under-equipped to defend against the new “super” pushes because they’re reliant on Graveyard, not a big tank.

C Tier
Most of these cards shine when they’re used in combination with a certain card or deck. Individually, these cards can be lackluster or even useless.

  • Ice Wizard(B) – Once one of the most annoying cards to play against on defense (that spot is now occupied by the Bowler), Ice Wizard has fallen from grace pretty hard. It is a purely defensive card that isn’t that great against defending anymore. It was strong at slowing down pushes headed by big, slow-moving tanks. Now pushes are just deceivingly led by tanks such as Bowler and Ice Golem, while cards like Graveyard or Goblin Barrel deal the brunt of the damage.
  • Lumberjack(B) – Has its niche stolen by the Elite Barbarians. Lumberjack’s strongest niche was never its Rage effect, that was just an added bonus. This card’s niche was its effectiveness in defending decently, and being strong as a one-card counter push.
  • Balloon(D) – The extra radius of its death damage makes your opponent second-guess where to place his defending troops. If they place it in front of the Balloon (between the Balloon and the tower), their troops will get caught in the death damage and may even die (in the case of Minions and Archers). If they place it behind the Balloon to avoid the death damage, they’re more susceptible to you killing the defending troops because they’ll be near the bridge and you can react in time or preemptively place troops.
  • Mirror(D) – Making a small comeback in the form of the Zap-bait deck. This deck relies on chip damage from Furnace and Goblin Barrel because it is extremely hard to defend Goblin Barrel perfectly every time as there will be times some damage gets in. The other strength of this deck is that Skeleton Army and Minion Horde are two of the strongest defensive cards that also do really well against the two of the strongest cards in the game (Graveyard and Elite Barbarians). Your opponent may have one answer to these cards in the form of Zap or Fireball, but it’s rare that they’ll be able to react to it twice.
  • Clone(NR) – Has a surprise factor similar to Mirror, but otherwise easy to deal with. IMO, the cards that Clone pairs with best are Lava Hound, Golem, Ice Golem, Giant Skeleton, and Princess.
  • Poison(B) – Decent buff, but not enough to push it into equal play with Fireball. Poison isn’t coming back :(.
  • Rocket(B) – It’s become harder to use Rocket effectively in situations other than to damage tower. Before, you could take a 2 elixir disadvantage and Rocket their tower and get something like Musketeer, or you could Rocket multiple supporting troops hiding behind a Giant or Lava Hound. The best offenses nowadays rely on pushes that can’t really be Rocketed. If you’re committed to playing a Rocket deck, you better be prepared to play with 7 cards for the first 2 minutes.
  • Royal Giant(B) – Royal Giant Vs Elite Barbarians means RG user deals 400-600 damage while they have to defend against full HP Elite Barbarians with a 6 elixir disadvantage. No Bueno.

D Tier
These cards either have bad stats, are easily countered, or are just outshined by other cards that do a better job. You'll see them sometimes, and they may even help win a game or two, but not consistently.

  • Inferno Dragon(C) – Same with Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon is only effective when it’s helping you gain an elixir advantage after defending a super push, which is more rare now.
  • Baby Dragon(C) – It excelled in usually being one of the few survivors in an apocalyptic brawl between two super pushes. Super pushes where you place a large tank in the back and build up elixir by the time it reaches the bridge are more rare now. Its previous faults of being subpar in defending quick attacks are surfacing again.
  • Prince(C) – Similar to the Lumberjack, the Prince was a card that was decent in defending ground pushes, but had a counterattack that was easily dealt with, but deadly if your opponent didn’t have the answers for it. Elite Barbarians are better than the Prince at both defending and counterattacking.
  • Giant Skeleton(C) – Despite the buff, Giant Skeleton is too easily distracted. Whether it be buildings or troops, you need to have a huge elixir advantage, or be REALLY good at predicting your opponent’s defense to make Giant Skeleton useful. I gave Giant Skeleton credit in the old meta because you could match a tank in the back with a Giant Skeleton in the back as a delayed push play, but even that is almost gone.
  • Pekka(C) – See Giant Skeleton. I would even say Giant Skeleton is better because its death damage is probably easier to get tower damage than a Pekka’s swings.
  • Goblins(C) – You’d rather use Skeleton Army in almost all cases. I also don’t even feel bad about placing it in a different tier than Spear Goblins because I do think Spear Goblins provide a little more value right now. Spear Goblins’ ranged attack made it easier to drag troops to the kill zone. Their range makes it possible for you to place them in the middle and have incoming troops walk over to them, while doing the same with Goblins would make the Goblins walk towards the incoming troops and prevent you from leading them to the kill zone.
  • Tesla(C) – Needed to differentiate between this card and Cannon, which I think is better at this point.

F Tier
The worst of the worst. You will rarely see these cards and it is even rarer to see these cards used effectively.

  • Sparky(D) – Sparky’s design makes its effectiveness vary depending on the meta. It was decent in a former meta because the troops in a push are concentrated in one area behind a tank and Sparky could deal with a push like that. It’s bad now in a meta where you have to deal with multiple points of attack (as in the case with Graveyard where you have to deal with the card at the bridge as well as the Skeletons spawning). Sparky has reached unfamiliar lands for a legendary card. It is hard to believe that a card of the highest rarity is one of the worst cards in the game. Imagine the excitement you get when you realize you just got a legendary, only to realize it’s almost useless. Thanks to Sparky, this could happen to you.

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